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Innovation in the Legal Industry

01.06.15 | Article in Future of Law

This month our Pasadena marketing agency was honored to be one of 25 companies to receive …

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Product Development for Law Firms

12.01.14 | Article in Future of Law

Numerous articles have been written about the benefits of packaging your services and offering them as …

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8 Women Who Left the Law to Follow Their Passions

11.25.14 | Article in Future of Law

I recently wrote a post about former lawyers that followed their passions. I received such great …

ONE400 Wins Innovators Award

10.24.14 | Article in Featured , Future of Law

Originally published October 24, 2014 in The Recorder. The Recorder has named 25 winners of its …

ONE400 Featured on Forbes: “Start Small And Have A Big Impact With Your Business: An Interview With Digital Agency ONE400”

10.17.14 | Article in Future of Law

ONE400 is very excited to be featured on Forbes.  Read a small excerpt from this article …

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Rise of the Agile Superlawyer

07.07.14 | Article in Future of Law

I recently came across an article that outlines a comprehensive list of skills for lawyers who …

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5 TV Shows That Make Us All Want To Be Lawyers

06.28.14 | Article in Future of Law

Many lawyers will fully admit that they went to law school because of TV shows, which …

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Moore’s Law v. Lawyer

06.24.14 | Article in Future of Law

Law and technology do not have to be opposed to one another. In fact, technology can …

Future of Law: Industry Disruption From Automation and Service

06.19.14 | Article in Future of Law

As most involved in the legal industry will know, few things related to law move quickly. …

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