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access denied due to early damage control after a data breach

Damage Control: Specific Measures to Take After a Data Breach

01.20.21 | Article in Future of Law , Legal Tech , Technology

A data breach can be one of the most costly and damaging events occurring in business …

data breach concept showing a hacker gaining access into the system

Handling a Data Breach: 6 Basic Steps You Should Follow

12.04.20 | Article in Legal Tech

Each year, individuals and businesses are significantly impacted by data breaches, costing them huge financial losses, …

smart contracts definition. Creative abstract block chain technology sketch with handshake on modern laptop background, future technology and blockchain concept. Double exposure.

Embracing Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Today’s Legal Environment

11.19.20 | Article in Future of Law , Legal Tech , Technology

Blockchain technology is often associated with digital currencies, notably bitcoin, which has gained widespread use for …

Legal tech concept. 3D virtual gavel in cyberspace.

5 Benefits of Legal Tech Over Traditional Law Firms

11.09.20 | Article in Legal Tech , Technology

If you are a lawyer or you work in a legal field, you know the importance …

Hourly vs Subscription: What is the best option for your law firm?

Hourly Billing Vs. Subscription Billing

09.03.20 | Article in Future of Law , Legal Tech

In this video we use Clio’s 2019 Legal Trends report to compare how hourly billing stacks …

Digital representation of Legal technology for Law firms

The Best Legal Technology Products for Law Firms

08.25.20 | Article in Legal Tech

In this Legal Technology trilogy we will take you from the very basics of legal tech, …

ONE400 Helps A Law Firm Launch A New Product

07.09.20 | Article in Legal Tech

What does Law 5.0 look like? We helped this law firm figure it out Victoria Aguilar, …

cropped view of businessman showing protection gesture above light bulb isolated on grey

Wait, another webinar?

05.06.20 | Article in Legal Tech

If not for Covid-19 and stay at home orders, we’d be right in the middle of …


Automating for Success

04.08.20 | Article in Featured , Legal Tech

Automating for Success In the best of times, finding ways to be more productive and remove …

Caring For The Legal Community

03.13.20 | Article in Legal Tech

Caring for the legal community. The health and prosperity of ONE400 clients, staff and the legal …

Business analytics intelligence analysis BI big data technology concept

Eliminate Law Practice Management Chaos: Bring in the missing piece – Process

10.30.19 | Article in Legal Tech

What is a typical day in the life of a lawyer? Stress relating to building a …

How the Latest Tech Will Shake Up the Legal Field

12.21.18 | Article in Legal Tech

2019 is just around the corner. The new year is a time to look towards the …

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