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Law Firms on Facebook

11.24.14 | Article in Marketing

Many law firms are skeptical to put effort and resources into building a Facebook Company Page. …

Guest Blog Post on Solo Practice University: Facebook For Lawyers

10.14.14 | Article in Marketing

Below is an excerpt from the full blog post on Facebook For Lawyers. To read the …

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Who is Your Target Customer?

08.20.14 | Article in Marketing

With every one of our clients, one of the first exercises we do is complete a …

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Top Objections by Lawyers to Outsourcing Marketing

07.13.14 | Article in Marketing

1. All my clients come from word of mouth so I don’t need an online presence …

Using your competitor’s name in Keyword Advertising: Is it legal?

06.24.14 | Article in Marketing

We frequently get asked this question by our law firm and legal tech clients. Clients ask us …

New York State Bar Association’s Rules on Social Media for Lawyers

06.18.14 | Article in Marketing

Below is a summary of the New York State Bar Association’s rules governing advertising and solicitation, …

4 Ways to Acquire Customers

06.16.14 | Article in Marketing

1) Join a community of lawyers Lawyers join local bar associations because they find value in …

Marketing: Set Goals and Measure Results

02.22.14 | Article in Marketing

Why you should set goals In order to measure the results of your efforts, you must …

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