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Who is Your Target Customer?

08.20.14 | Article in Marketing

With every one of our clients, one of the first exercises we do is complete a …

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Top Objections by Lawyers to Outsourcing Marketing

07.13.14 | Article in Marketing

1. All my clients come from word of mouth so I don’t need an online presence …

business man taking escalator

Rise of the Agile Superlawyer

07.07.14 | Article in Future of Law

I recently came across an article that outlines a comprehensive list of skills for lawyers who …

mother and child watching TV

5 TV Shows That Make Us All Want To Be Lawyers

06.28.14 | Article in Future of Law

Many lawyers will fully admit that they went to law school because of TV shows, which …

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Moore’s Law v. Lawyer

06.24.14 | Article in Future of Law

Law and technology do not have to be opposed to one another. In fact, technology can …

Using your competitor’s name in Keyword Advertising: Is it legal?

06.24.14 | Article in Marketing

We frequently get asked this question by our law firm and legal tech clients. Clients ask us …

Future of Law: Industry Disruption From Automation and Service

06.19.14 | Article in Future of Law

As most involved in the legal industry will know, few things related to law move quickly. …

laptop screen shattering

Are Law Firm Websites Evolving or Dying? A Commentary.

06.18.14 | Article in Uncategorized

There was a great article by Keith O’Keefe on Above the Law that I wanted to …

New York State Bar Association’s Rules on Social Media for Lawyers

06.18.14 | Article in Marketing

Below is a summary of the New York State Bar Association’s rules governing advertising and solicitation, …

4 Ways to Acquire Customers

06.16.14 | Article in Marketing

1) Join a community of lawyers Lawyers join local bar associations because they find value in …

How To Build a Product Without Outside Investment

06.10.14 | Article in Uncategorized

One400 Founders Allen Rodriguez & Eva Hibnick will speaking at Innovate Pasadena Friday morning Meetup on 6/13/2014 Here is the …

5 Ideas Lawyers Can Steal from Legal Tech Startups

06.09.14 | Article in Legal Tech

Startups are lean, frugal and innovative. There are a lot of best practices that startups follow …

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