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How Does a Law Firm Get Positive Reviews?

How Does a Law Firm Get Positive Reviews?

In today’s digital age, online reviews and ratings can make or break a business, and law firms are no exception. The number of Google reviews a law firm has can affect its capacity to draw in new clients, keep hold of current ones, and even affect its placement on search engine results pages (SERPs). In this blog, we have put together a list of tactics that law firms can use to raise their Google review rating as well as guidelines on how to reply to, manage, and monitor them.

How to Get Positive Reviews

1. Provide Excellent Client Service

Great client service is the cornerstone of good online reviews. To provide your clients with a great experience that can result in positive reviews and ratings, you must deliver exceptional service. Make sure each client receives individualized attention and is happy with the services they receive. This improves the likelihood that clients will leave good reviews.

2. Ask for Reviews

Asking for reviews is one of the best strategies to obtain them, particularly if you know your law firm has provided a great service to a client. Once you’ve finished working with your client, you can invite them to post a review on your Google business profile. You can also send clients follow-up emails asking them to comment on their experience working with your firm. Be sure to give them a direct link to your Google business profile, which makes the process much easier for them.

Encourage your clients to share their opinions about their interactions with your law firm. Use this input to enhance your offerings and deal with any potential difficulties. Encourage clients to post reviews by putting links to review websites in email signatures, on websites, or in client newsletters, as well as encouraging clients to do so. This can demonstrate to your clients that you value their opinion and are dedicated to giving them outstanding service by acting on their comments.

3. Make it Easy to Leave Reviews

Make it as simple as you can for clients to submit reviews by establishing accounts on well-known review sites like Google My Business and Avvo. Provide simple and easy-to-follow directions on how to submit a review to your Google My Business page. If at all feasible, include step-by-step directions, screenshots, and video tutorials. This can make it easier for clients who are unfamiliar with the procedure to post feedback.

4. Offer Incentives

Giving clients who submit reviews rewards, such as a discount or gift card, can be a successful tactic. Remember to make sure that the incentive does not jeopardize the reviewer’s objectivity. You can also consider holding a competition in which clients can win rewards for posting reviews.

5. Share Positive Reviews

Sharing client feedback on your website and social media platforms can help you gain more online visibility and draw in new clients. Clients may also be more inclined to post reviews if they know that you share their opinions online.

6. Respond to Reviews

By responding to reviews, you can demonstrate to your clients that you value their opinions and are dedicated to giving them outstanding service. Thanking clients for their positive feedback will help you build stronger relationships with them. It is crucial to express appreciation and thank them for their input. 

Reacting to both positive and negative reviews can help you improve your relationship with your clients and minimize damage to your reputation. Make sure to respond to reviews quickly, courteously, and sympathetically, even if the review is a negative one. In order to fix the problem, it is crucial to address the client’s issues and provide solutions. This can show past, current, and potential clients that you are dedicated to providing top-notch service. By responding to reviews, you can also persuade clients to provide additional feedback on their interactions with your business. This might assist in enhancing your services and resolving any potential problems. Additionally, it demonstrates to clients your commitment to offering first-rate service and concern for their experience.

7. Monitor and Track Reviews 

Regularly monitoring and tracking your reviews is crucial. Set up alerts so that you are informed as soon as new reviews are submitted. This allows you to respond quickly. A law firm can monitor and track reviews by using review tracking software. These resources can offer in-depth data of the reviews. You can keep track of your reviews across several platforms by using tools like Google Alerts, Hootsuite, or Mention. These tools can assist in monitoring and tracking your reviews, making it easier to reply to them.

8. Review Analytics

Your law firm should study reviews to look for any trends or patterns. Firms can utilize this knowledge to enhance their offerings or deal with any problems that reviewers frequently bring up. Analyzing analytics will assist you in comprehending the demographics, interests, and access methods of your clients.

Keeping tabs on reviews is crucial to managing a law firm’s internet reputation. Your law firm can enhance its services and establish a solid online reputation by responding to reviews and using the information they provide.

9. Collaborate With Other Businesses or Law Firms

Collaborating with businesses (financial advisors, realtors, etc.) or other law firms practicing different areas of law can help you earn more favorable ratings. In exchange for a review, the law firm or business may offer to refer clients to your firm. Both firms stand to gain from this in terms of online reputation and clientele.


Positive reviews are important because they build trust and credibility, boost online reputation, improve search engine rankings, provide valuable feedback, increase referrals, and help attract high quality clients. Positive reviews are crucial for any law firm hoping to increase reputation and confidence among prospective clients. By offering outstanding customer service, improving the client experience, asking for and responding to reviews, and providing incentives, law firms can receive positive reviews that will draw in new clients and retain old ones.

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