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Pay-per-click advertising is a fast, flexible vehicle for connecting directly with the customers who need what you provide—legal services, time-sensitive class actions, or new content to promote while it’s fresh. Paid search ads can be launched with speed and precision, and we excel at directing the myriad of moving parts. Among ONE400’s many services, PPC design amply demonstrates our synthesis of strategy, technical proficiency, and creativity.

Before building the keyword sets that animate paid search ads, we clearly define the launch environment and parameters. Essential for PPC, our market research comprises the target demographic—age, location, preferred devices, activity patterns—competitive landscape, client brand strategy, and ONE400’s experience in the legal industry. This discovery process lets us recommend the right platform, campaign type, and budget for your ad groups and provides the core data for expert keyword research. Your campaigns ad copy, extensions, display graphics, and landing pages are produced by our team of award-winning designers, marketers, and legally fluent copywriters.

While competence in research and technique are prerequisites for PPC, we also execute our projects with deep insight into professional law and strong client relationships. ONE400 works exclusively in the legal space, and by knowing you—your company, brand, capacity, and potential—we design PPC with better click-through and conversion rates than our competitors. A certified Google Ads and Analytics partner, we can also deliver lower cost-per-click via smart, targeted ads with high Quality Scores on Google’s platform. Additionally, our partnership with you can include retargeting, A/B testing, and regular adjustments that extend the life of your campaign. Contact us to learn more about the ONE400 difference in PPC.


  • Discovery Process
  • Targeting
  • Display Advertising + Remarketing
  • Competitive Research
  • Account Structuring
  • Location Targeting + Mobile Targeting
  • Reporting + Performance
  • Budget Allocation + Scheduling
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