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Expanding access to legal services

When we started ONE400 in 2013, it didn’t spring to life as a fully formed, capitalized venture. Our company came together through conversations between our principals over coffee, bringing together the different strands of our experiences in the legal space. We’ve previously been marketers, attorneys, product developers, and active members of the legal tech community, and we’ve witnessed how professional law has processed systemic change in the marketplace—and sometimes how it hasn’t. The presence and reassurance of a competent, licensed attorney will always be, for many consumers, the indispensable “human factor“ for retaining legal help. At the same time, a profession based on proof, procedure, and precedent (routinely exercised in a pre-modern language) has often been slow to adjust to new contingencies—changes in demographics, economics, everyday custom, and the way we work. Organizations running on legacy models are leaving money on the table by not actively expanding the public’s access to reliable legal services via creative thinking and technology.

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Opening Up The Law

Equality under the law undergirds our society. We believe that when rights are assumed but somehow can’t be invoked, the result is waste: People’s opportunities aren’t mapping onto their aspirations properly, creating widespread inefficiencies. Opening up the law—making it convenient and affordable—doesn’t cheapen the profession, nor is it an altruistic write-off with a burn rate. Delivering legal help to those who normally might find the business intimidating and cost-prohibitive contributes to a long-tail, positive feedback loop for customer acquisition and revenue, and for the economy as a whole in challenging times. When innovations are sought in partnership with our clients—progressive firms and tech startups--it’s like having a focused, fully funded R&D department for professional law, and with quicker ROI.

To serve our customers, and theirs in turn, we’ve implemented Software as a Service and clever marketing to help make legal forms and documents easily available; to resolve traffic fines more quickly; to provide affordable legal subscriptions to contract workers, creatives, and entrepreneurs; and to expedite immigration cases. These are under-served consumers who’ll retain legal help again. We’ve developed online and mobile products that help veterans secure earned benefits, and bar associations mentor a new generation of public defenders. In New York City, we’ve established a free service to help renters establish their rights and communicate with their landlords. People who can stay in their homes build businesses, raise families, and will reinvest in a legal system that’s invested in them.

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How can we help you?

We offer a full suite of services to grow your law firm or legal tech company in every dimension—strategy, brand & design, tech management, and digital marketing.

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