Our mission enables the exceptional quality and positive results of all our work. We employ technology and strategic perspective to reach under-served markets and widen the scope and social impact of professional law.

ONE400 Monthly Subscription Service

ONE400 offers monthly marketing, operational, and business consulting for law firms and legal organizations. If you're looking to connect with clients, increase revenue, develop products, or improve your processes, our subscription consulting service will help you plan, prioritize and execute strategies to help you grow.

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Marketing & Operations

Proven, innovative strategies designed to help you market your services, expand your reach, and acquire more clients. From marketing and branding, to business development and technology, get unlimited strategic coaching from ONE400’s team of experts.

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Legal Products & Subscriptions

Increase recurring revenue through ONE400’s subscription and product development consulting. Get unlimited consulting to help you understand your market, develop pricing, plan your fulfillment and manage customers. In addition, you’ll get access to template documents and exclusive content designed to help you plan, launch, and grow.

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Monthly consulting as you plan and grow your business

Define your objectives, develop your strategy, and reach more clients with ONE400’s unlimited monthly consulting.

Marketing + Operations Support
  • Monthly
  • Annual
Marketing, Intake, Software, Subscriptions, Exclusive Content & More
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  • Unlimited Consulting
  • Marketing, Branding and Content Strategy
  • CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Client intake and Business Development Coaching
  • Product Development Coaching
  • Legal Subscription Plan Consulting
  • ONE400 Exclusive Content
  • ONE400 Community Access
  • Legal Hosting
Marketing + Ops Team
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Custom marketing, software and operations solutions
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  • Everything in Marketing Support
  • Web/App/Platform Design + Development
  • Legal Subscription Plan Implementation
  • Marketing and Advertising Setup and Management
  • Content Creation + Syndication
  • Search Engine Optimization

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What we do

ONE400 is expertly equipped to offer à la carte solutions for professional law businesses, whether it's a visual brand reboot or UX trials for a new app. For more ambitious projects, the unique strength of our services—the ONE400 difference—derives from our deep knowledge of the legal space, which allows us to innovate from familiar territory and empower clients to break new ground.

Strategy + Consulting

A comprehensive view of the legal industry integrates all ONE400’s work. This strategic vision, drawn from our team’s cumulative decades of legal experience, also drives several of our specific core services. As consultants we deliver complete, actionable business plans, data-driven and generated from fresh market research and client engagement. The same focused analysis informs our recommendations of new service models for your customers, such as law subscriptions—innovations that create new customer pools. At ONE400 we’re also evangelists for exploring software-based legal services, which enable access to the law beyond the conventional attorney-centered paradigm.

Brand + Design

Aligning your organization’s presentation and “voice” with the value you provide your customers is among the most immediate, cost-effective, and consequential steps you can take. At ONE400 it’s also an art—one at the heart of our services and directed by our team’s training and professional law experience. Our mobile-functional websites are acclaimed in the industry for their attractiveness and clarity and adapt to upgrades easily and inexpensively. As specialists in user experience and interaction design, we also ensure that your platform and digital products are both customer-focused and customized to your market position. Our award-winning designers and marketers apply careful market research and client discovery to the magic of crafting brand identities that are clever, playful, subtle, or professional—or all at once.


We’re proud of our engineers and designers, who execute the highest standards in their fields. ONE400 multiplies their impact with a holistic approach to developing websites and digital products—your organization’s site and apps are platforms for growth, not just advertisements. When focused on tangible needs, software as a service gives your customers an unprecedented buy-in to the legal system, creating a virtuous circle that benefits both law professionals and the public. For companies who need unmatched reliability without unstable overhead, ONE400 provides web hosting with hard security, adaptability, and airtight management and compliance.

Digital Marketing

ONE400 believes that what's extraordinary for today's legal marketplace will be ordinary tomorrow—initiative combined with expertise sets the pace. As the "gig economy" resets itself, the market for legal guidance will include more agile, street-side entrepreneurs; reaching them directly will reward both law professionals and the public. We're a fully certified Google Ads partner, and we pride ourselves on delivering original content that represents your organization accurately to a new generation of consumers—from social media to white papers to re-targeted ads. ONE400 develops exclusive, data-driven keyword sets, highly shareable SEO-optimized content, and focused PPC campaigns with followup built into their case.

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More than designers, developers, and marketers - we're strategists for the evolution of the legal landscape

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We offer a full suite of services to grow your law firm or legal tech company in every dimension—strategy, brand & design, tech management, and digital marketing.
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