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The number of attorneys and traditional law firms in the United States has remained stable, while the population grows and society evolves. It’s a given that change is a constant of 21st century business—conventions are upended, and systems recombine and diversify. Paradoxically, a more multifaceted marketplace doesn’t “grow the pie” and reduce competition: Law businesses must be creative to discover and capitalize on the opportunities. ONE400 knows how and why customers purchase legal help, and we excel at developing new business models to reach them.

Law Innovation is central to ONE400’s mission as well as a specific consultation we offer. Identifying overlooked categories of customers and bringing them to your organization generates new revenues and extends advocacy to a larger share of the public. Our discovery process is grounded in solid metrics and industry experience, analyzing emerging conditions and your company’s goals and capabilities. We’ll recommend new services, flesh out your own concepts, and even assist with pitches to your principals. ONE400 has helped clients pioneer inventive pricing for legal services, direct resources through new channels, and promote cutting-edge technologies like blockchain internally and to customers. Followup is another core value: our team monitors results and can provide periodic optimization.


  • Opportunity Identification
  • New Products + Services
  • Prototyping
  • Growth Opportunities
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Legal tech focused on the blockchain space

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More than designers, developers, and marketers - we're strategists for the evolution of the legal landscape

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Solo + Small Firms

ONE400 can help you grow revenue and attract customers so you can concentrate your time and energy on client relationships.

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Legal Tech Organizations

Providing comprehensive services oriented to the legal space and scaled to your needs, letting you focus on your organization's technology side.

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Mid-Size + Large Firm

ONE400 is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best possible representation in the marketplace.

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Bar Associations

From creative web design to mobile platforms that enable new services for association members and the wider public.

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Class Action Firm

Class action firms benefit from the speed with which we can launch your initial marketing campaign.

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Legal Support Professional

ONE400’s complete array of technological expertise stands ready to help you transform our industry.

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We offer a full suite of services to grow your law firm or legal tech company in every dimension—strategy, brand & design, tech management, and digital marketing.

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