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Marketing: Set Goals and Measure Results

Marketing: Set Goals and Measure Results

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Why you should set goals

In order to measure the results of your efforts, you must set goals. Goal setting is probably one of the most important aspects of developing a marketing plan. For each tactic, you should predict how many leads you expect to garner and how much $ you are able to spend.

Depending on what your business needs are at the time, these are some of the goals that lawyers have:

  • Decrease CPL (cost per lead)
  • Lead generation
  • Increase awareness of firm
  • Develop personal brand of attorney as an expert in the field of law

Ways to measure the results and what to measure

1) Website


Google Analytics.

What to measure:

  • Pageviews
  • Pages/Visit
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Time on Site (stickiness) – how long do visitors stay on one page
  • Traffic Source – where did the visitor come from? (Google, Social, PPC, other)

2) Social media



Facebook Insights

What to measure:

  • # of Likes
  • Twitter


Twitter has a built in dashboard which shows you analytics

What to measure:

  • Followers
  • Retweets
  • Link click-through rates (use a shortened url bitl.y in order to measure this)

3) PPC


Google Adwords dashboard provides you with all the information you need

What to measure:

  • Max Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Total Clicks
  • Total Impressions
  • Click-through Rate (CTR)
  • Average CPC
  • Total Cost
  • Average Position.
  • 4) Blog
  • How:
  • Google Analytics
  • What to measure:
  • Page views
  • Unique visitors
  • Time spent
  • Bounce rate
  • Source (referring sites)
  • Shares (Retweets and other shares)
  • Leads generated
  • Lead quality
  • Cost-per-lead
  • Engagement of a specific target audience

What’s next?

After you measure the effectiveness of marketing tactics, you need to conduct an upperlevel analysis of what tactics were successful so that you can pour more money into what worked. Success will be based on whether or not the marketing tactics helped futher Although this process is time consuming, is the only way to hone your marketing plan and get to the crux of what really works. You should keep track of how much money you spend on marketing so that you can then add up your CPL (cost per lead). $ spent/ # of leads = CPL

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About the author

Allen Rodriguez Allen Rodriguez is a legal product development strategist who has been serving the legal industry for over 21 years. Over the course of his career, Allen has built a reputation for creating innovative legal services products as well as developing highly effective law firm business and marketing strategies. Allen is a valued speaker on the topics of law marketing, legal services product development, and future of law issues.

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