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Social Media For Lawyers: Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Law Firm

Social Media For Lawyers: Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Law Firm

Often the follow up question to “why do I need to use social media for my law firm?” is “which social media platform is right for my law firm?” Social media is imperative for sharing the content you are producing for your website such as blogs. Social media is rather necessary in driving traffic to your website. Additionally social media is one factor that can help raise your law firm’s ranking on a Google search. Ultimately, your law firm should be using social media if you are looking to gain more presence on the web.

So where do you begin?

Choosing the right social media platform ultimately depends on the type of audience, or in your case, the type of client that you are trying to attract. There is a range of social mediums available for your use but if they are irrelevant to your ideal client then your social efforts are being wasted. The type of social media platforms you choose to utilize will depend on your law firm’s areas of practice. The areas in which you practice, will determine the tone that you are going to use on your firm’s social channels. Not all tones are appropriate for every social channel. For example, a firm that practices business litigation would not need to have an Instagram account but should have a more professional social platform like a LinkedIn Company page.

Choosing the right Social Media Platform

Making sure you are using the appropriate social media channel for your firm will save you time and ensure you are targeting the right audience. The first question to ask yourself is “ What social media site is my potential client likely to be on?” For example a firm that practices in family law should have a Facebook and Twitter account. Their potential clients , mothers and fathers, are likely to be on these social networks. The firm could target Facebook groups that are for divorced parents or parents who are going through a divorce. Publications for parenting will likely have a Twitter account. The firm should target their audience because these are potential clients for the firm.

Recommended Social Channels for Every Law Firm

As a rule of thumb to get you started, a law firm should at least have three social networks for the firm. We recommend that every law firm have a Facebook company page, a Twitter account and a LinkedIn company page. These three social channels should be the first channels that every firm should dedicate their social efforts to. Although your law firm should have an account on each of these social networks, the time you dedicate to each may vary. For example, a law firm that practices family law may dedicate more time to Facebook and Twitter then they would on LinkedIn. Ultimately, your law firm needs to consider what social platforms would their ideal client likely be using.

If you need help implementing a social program for your law firm feel free to contact ONE400.

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