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Who is Your Target Customer?


Who is Your Target Customer?


With every one of our clients, one of the first exercises we do is complete a customer profile. A customer profile is a list of customers that the lawyer finds to be their ideal customers. We go through this exercise so we are all on the same page on which customers we want to target with the variety of marketing campaigns we will be running for the client.

For each customer type, we walk through these 5 things.

1. What does User 1 want from you?
2. What features are important to User 1?
3. Where can we find User 1?
– Online (websites, social media, discussion groups etc.)
– Offline (networking organizations, bar associations etc.)
4. What keywords is User 1 typing into Google while searching for you?
5. What does he want to see on your website?

Below is an example of a customer profile we created for one of our Startup Law Firm clients.

User 1: Soon To Be Startup Steve

Description of User: Startup Steve is in a corporate job that he hates. He is about to quit his job in order to pursue his passion project(which is only an idea right now), an app that connects doctors to patients in real time (Think Uber for Doctors)

What does Startup Steve want?:

  • Legal advice
    • Quality legal help that is affordable
    • To determine what licensing requirements are necessary for his business
    • To receive guidance on the right legal entity structure
    • To get answers to questions related to starting his business
    • Learn about co-founder equity distributions
  • General business advice
    • Introductions to investors
    • Help with fundraising besides legal paperwork (ie pitchdeck)

What features are important to Steve?:

  • Time saving services (Steve could do the paperwork himself)
  • Responsiveness and general advice given in a timely manner
  • Affordability (Steve is working from a limited budget. While he needs/wants the help, he would like to know exactly how much he needs to allocate to legal services)
  • Experience and quality legal services (Starting a business is Steve’s lifelong dream. He wants the highest quality legal services his budget allows)

Where can we find Steve?

  • Online
    • Forbes
    • Inc.
    • Wired
    • Entrepreneur
    • Mashable
    • Startup Digest
    • Techcrunch
    • Quora (reads and posts to questions that are of interest to him- about starting a company)
    • Linkedin (sending cold inmails to founders he admires and connecting with everyone he meets offline)
    • Twitter (follows influencers in tech space, other founders, investors)
  • Offline
    • Hanging around coworking spaces on weekends
    • Working out of coffee shops on weekends
    • Attending tech events and meetups
    • Attending all tech networking events to meet as many people as possible
    • Attending tech classes (GA, Dev Bootcamp)
  • What keywords is he researching?
    • How to start a business nyc
    • ny tech scene
    • Business Formation Lawyer
    • Startup Lawyer
    • Legal Documents
    • Startup Documents
    • Incorporation NYC
    • LLC or Inc
  • Biggest mistakes first time founders make
    • How to raise money
    • How to meet a cofounder
    • How to find a developer
    • How to meet investors
    • Legal issues that arise with starting a company
    • What is an accelerator
    • How to leave your job and start your dream company
    • Become your own CEO
    • Best tech events in NYC

What does he want to see on the GS website?

  • Business formation services
  • Pricing information for ongoing advice and legal work
  • Blog content related to when to hire a lawyer, new business owner needs and how to meet cofounders
  • Experienced startup lawyers
  • Client testimonials and logos of recognized startups that have raised money and sold

If you are ready to start marketing your practice for success, we can help! Schedule a consultation with One 400, we are happy to help.

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