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The importance of UX Design and SEO for your Law Firm


The importance of UX Design and SEO for your Law Firm


There’s a lot to the law that can be confusing, but your website shouldn’t be one of them. When people are searching for a lawyer, what they need most is someone who can explain all the intricacies of the law to them and help them solve their predicament. One of the best ways to assure people that you can do that is by making your UX design (user experience) look good and providing the SEO (search engine optimized) content that will draw them in in the first place. Providing a clean, relevant website might just be the boost people need to decide to talk with you about their problems.

The Importance of UX to Your Customers

Users are the heart of any business. We all know how important their experience is to a successful win and to more customers in the future. That’s why UX really has to be the heart of your business. A recent study found that of those who search for lawyers on Google, at least 29.5% will go straight to the lawyer’s website to learn more. With those statistics in mind, it’s clear that websites are important to success. So what do you need to do to make them work for you?

The first step to any digital marketing strategy is to know your customer. What do they need from your firm? How can you help them solve the problem that brought them to your website in the first place? The first step to excellent user experiences is to make your information accessible, relevant, and simple for everyone. Your consumers are looking for valuable answers to their problems. Here are a few main points to keep in mind as you design the perfect User Experience.

  1. Have a quick load time. According to Google, a 5 second load time can cause your traffic to be 90% more likely to “bounce” and head to another site. If you want to keep visitors long enough to really help them solve their problem, you need your site to load as quickly as possible.
  2. Make your website simple. Have you ever been frustrated by visiting a website and not knowing where to find what you want? It’s a common problem, but for law firms, it can be even more important. Most people are frustrated by their problems even before coming to your site, so giving them the information they need as quickly as possible should be one of the most important parts of your design.
  3. Make the design attractive. An important element of UX is UI or User Interface. This includes elements like design, layout, menus, search bars, loading bars, notifications, and back arrows. Make these easy to use and effective for finding information and you’ll be much more likely to get your customers past that first click and into a conversation.
  4. Create valuable content. As mentioned, people come to your site looking for answers. Creating content that provides those answers is one of the top ways to succeed on your website. A huge part of good content is SEO, which is what we’ll take a look at next.

The Power of SEO for Your Law Firm

It’s all about knowing your people. Google regularly crawls websites to check if their content is relevant to people’s searches and if they have a robust base of content that will provide detailed answers. They attempt to see a website the way a visitor would see it in order to choose the best sites to highlight in search results. In order to really optimize your SEO, there are several steps you can take.

  1. Create unique page titles that accurately describe the content someone will find when visiting that page.
  2. Write informative snippets (these will be included with the title of your page in search results) and URLs.
  3. Use headlines throughout your content so Google can easily identify an outline of what your page will cover.
  4. Use links carefully and wisely, only linking to relevant and expert content.

These are just a few of the steps you need to get started. Creating a powerful and effective UX design and SEO strategy is the best way to engage with consumers and help answer their needs. It’s all about understanding their problems and making the solutions you have to offer easy to find. It can be overwhelming at first, but don’t worry–we’re here to help. At ONE400, we have all the technology and strategy you need to get started. Connect with us today to get started optimizing your online content for the customers you love.

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