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Top Five Law Firm Business Card Options

Top Five Law Firm Business Card Options

It is no secret that law firms operate in a very competitive market environment. The American Bar Association (ABA) reports that there are approximately 1.3 million licensed attorneys in the United States working at more than 400,000 law firms. Lawyers and law firms that lack a comprehensive strategy to identify and connect with potential clients may struggle in the long run. A business card is a simple, yet effective branding, marketing, and networking tool for lawyers and law firms. At ONE400, we provide marketing and innovation services for the legal industry. Our team is committed to ensuring that our clients have the tools, information, and resources that they need – including creating and building a strong brand message that includes designing business cards. In this article, you will find an overview of five of the best business cards for attorneys and law firms. 

Five of the Leading Business Cards for Law Firms 

Zazzle (A Leading Producer of Attorney Business Cards)

Zazzle is a United States-based digital marketplace through which designers and customers can create their own products and connect with independent manufacturers. It has become one of the leading places for attorneys and other legal professionals to get business cards. There are many different customizable options for business cards that are available to use through Zazzle. Lawyers and law firms have the ability to create templated business cards on the platform without starting from scratch. This is a great option for solo practices operating on a strict budget.

Vista Print (A Cost-Effective Option)

Vista Print is a company that offers a wide range of printing-related services, including professional business cards for lawyers. Vista Print business cards for attorneys are cost-effective. You can obtain 1000 for as little as $18.00. You have some options for designing your own business card through the platform. Indeed, Vista Print also offers some basic customizability, so that you can design a business card that works effectively for the needs of you and your law firm. As with Zazzle above, this is a good option for solo practices operating on a strict budget.

Linq (Fully Digital Business Cards) 

You do not actually need a traditional, handheld business card to have a business card. There are fully digital business cards available—and they can be highly effective in building relationships. Linq is a company that offers digital business cards for modern networking. These types of business cards can be especially useful for lawyers and law firms that are tech-savvy and those that have tech-savvy clients. It is important to remember that law firms still need a solid brand design even when using digital business card options such as Linq.

My Metal Business Card (High Impact Business Cards)

What is a business card made of? Some of them are made of metal. My Metal Business Card is a service that offers metal business cards to attorneys and other high-level professionals who want to make an impact and truly stand out. While it is not the right option for every lawyer, a metal business card will certainly be memorable to the person who receives it. It is more likely to make an impact and far less likely to get thrown away or shoved in the back corner of a desk drawer. 

Etsy (A Great Choice for Creative Solo or Small Practice Attorneys)

Independent artists and creators use Etsy to connect with people who are interested in their services. There are thousands of legal business card options available through Etsy. Using Etsy to find business cards can be an especially good choice for attorneys and law firms who are looking for something a little different. You may be able to connect with a designer who can create a truly customized business card that is a great fit for your specific legal practice. 

Why Lawyers and Law Firms Still Benefit from Customized Business Cards 

A business card can sometimes feel a little bit “old-school.” In a world—and legal market—that is increasingly digital, a business card can sometimes seem like a relic of the past. Yet, a business card remains a cost-effective, reliable tool for lawyers and law firms to establish a reputation, connect with potential clients, and network with attorneys or other professionals. Along with a law firm’s website, its business card still represents its brand image first and and is its “billboard” for the world. Every attorney can still use professionally crafted, customized business cards. Here are some of the key reasons why attorneys and law firms can benefit from a customized business card: 

  • Share Contact Information Quickly: A business card is a very quick and easy way to share important background information and contact information. If you have a quick conversation—in any professional or personal context—with any party who can use your legal services or refer to your firm, handing them a business card remains the best way to be sure that they have your information. 
  • Potential Clients are More Likely to Save Business Cards: You could theoretically write your name and number down on a piece of paperwork. You could also tell someone your contact information and have them store it in their cell phone. However, that type of interaction is one where information gets lost or simply forgotten about. People are more likely to preserve business cards—especially if they have a need for help. Tech savvy lawyers and law firms use business card scanning software that directly connect into the firm’s customer relationship management (CRM) software for permanent retention and automated follow-up.
  • Business Cards Help to Establish Authority: No one would argue that a professionally made and designed business card makes a person an authority in their field. At the same time, a business card is professional. It is a great way to simply convene some basic professional competence and authority. Potential clients or other attorneys can then follow up on that information. Setting the foundation with a professional business card can be highly effective in building a relationship. 

The Elements of an Effective Business Card for Lawyers and Law Firms 

Knowing the value of a business card for law firms, you may be wondering how lawyers design an effective business card. There is not necessarily one right answer to this question. Every law firm brings its own unique brand proposition to the table. That being said, well-structured business cards used in the legal industry do tend to share some common characteristics. Here are some of the key elements of an effective business card for lawyers and law firms in 2022 and looking forward into 2023: 

  • Name and Location: As a starting point, your legal business card should have your name and your location. With a quick glance at the business card, a potential client or another attorney should be able to know who you are, where you are located, and where you practice law. 
  • Contact Information (Best): Your business card should also include your contact information. For more lawyers, contact information is a phone number and/or an email address. Though, regardless of the situation, your business card should always have the best contact information. 
  • Website: Every law firm can benefit from a professionally designed website. Many potential clients will check out a lawyer or law firm’s website first before they actually reach out to the attorney. If you have a professional website for your legal practice, it is often a good idea to include the website address somewhere on your business card. 
  • Social Media: Social media continues to grow in importance, even for legal professionals. According to data from the ABA TechReport 2020, nearly one-third of all U.S. attorneys report that they have obtained clients from social media—and that number continues to rise rapidly. If you have developed a strong social media presence, you may want to include that specific social media handle on your business card. For lawyers and law firms today, having a branded presence on LinkedIn is a must.
  • Practice Area(s): Finally, it is a good idea to consider including information about your practice area(s) on your business card. The more specialized your legal practice, the more beneficial it is to include that information. For example, imagine that a lawyer exclusively practices family law. That they are a family lawyer should be clearly stated on their business card. Not only does this help to establish an attorney and their expertise, but it also increases the ratio of qualified leads to unqualified leads. 
  • A Message: Lawyers and law firms can use a business card to help establish their core brand identity. You may want to include a brief message or slogan on your business card. For example, imagine that a criminal defense lawyer has built his or her career around aggressive representation. That message can be conveyed on a business card. It can help to leave a lasting and impactful impression on a potential client. 

A Business Card is One Small Part of a Marketing, Branding, and Networking Strategy 

Lawyers and law firms can benefit from developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing, branding, and networking strategy. The creation of a business card is one small piece of an overall strategy. When designed properly, a marketing, branding, and networking strategy can help you and your law firm connect with more qualified leads and obtain more clients. 

ONE400 is the Leader in Innovation and Growth Serving Law Firms Worldwide 

ONE400 is the leading law innovation and growth company in the world, specializing in award-winning legal marketing, website design and development, intake consulting, legal operations consulting, and much more.  ONE400 is also a Clio consultant and Lawmatics consultant.  ONE400 only focuses on the legal field working with law firms, legal tech companies, and other organizations in and related to the legal field.  ONE400 provides a comprehensive range of strategies to help clients achieve their goals and desired business outcome. If you are looking to design and implement a holistic growth strategy that is fully customized to your legal practice, ONE400 is the most-experienced resource. Based in Los Angeles, ONE400 provides services to law firms worldwide. Contact ONE400 today.

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