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Why You Should Take a Job at ONE400

Why You Should Take a Job at ONE400

The conservative legal industry has seen more disruption in the last 5 years than at any other time in its past. Much of this has been brought about by the new app economy, changes in consumer demand and changes in technologies that are used to deliver legal services. ONE400 plays a role in this disruption because of our place at the intersection of law, design and technology. As the only Law Innovation Agency of its kind, we are creating innovative approaches to marketing, product development and alternative business structures for law firms and legal tech startups. We are growth hackers, designers, digital marketers and law innovation thought leaders and we are looking for passionate creative people to consider joining our team.

Our industry is heavily regulated, our work is tough and the problems we solve are very complex and demanding. So why do we do it? While each of the ONE400 team members may have their personal motivations, I can tell you that collectively we are driven by the fact that we like having a positive impact on creating better access to justice. We work exclusively in the legal industry and that means that our clients are people who are helping others find justice, obtain a fresh start, recover losses they may have suffered and fight for causes that benefit large segments of our population. Our clients are entrepreneurs and innovators. Working alongside them, molding their ideas into real businesses, creating scalable strategies to help them reach their intended audience is work that we do on a daily basis and we love it. We think you will too, if you’re up to task.

While we are small startup team, we are an intelligent collaborative group that is having a big impact. We have been invited by Stanford’s Codex Center for Legal Informatics to co-participate in their events, we mentor frequently at legal hackathons and we even host our own Meetup with over 189 members to talk about the innovations we are pursuing on a regular basis. To get new team members up to speed we have created the ONE400 law innovation bootcamp. It’s our way of describing a new team member’s first 100 days. Since many of our team members have no prior legal experience, we need to get them up to speed on the things related to our industry. You can expect lots of learning, reading and hands on working with a solid base of great clients. While new employees work closely with a key member of our team, there is no micromanaging. In fact, new ideas, process improvements and independent judgment are all encouraged of everyone. Make it through your first 100 days and you’ll be law innovation thought leader in no time.

We are a work hard, play hard kind of team and it’s not uncommon for all of us to participate in a group hackathon, work from a beach close by or conduct a lunch and learn session to share skills across our different areas of expertise. We know that as a team, we are building something great as indicated by our success and industry recognition. ONE400 team members are motivated by a strong team environment, constant opportunity to improve their skills, high career growth opportunities and being part of a job where our efforts are praised more often than not. If those lofty ideals don’t work for you, we also have an endless supply of snacks, soft drinks and adult beverages, catered lunches on Fridays and a host of other benefits to make sure that you can keep up with fast pace environment we operate in. We pay a competitive wage, have unlimited paid vacations and provide bonus opportunities. And it probably goes without saying, but we give little thought to appearances and really only care about results. Your purple fauxhawk and tattoo sleeve is okay with us.

Digital marketing ninjas, growth hackers and creators you skills are welcome and rewarded here, but only if you make the grade. Give us a call, send us an email, tweet, post, like, or ask a question on Quora. We don’t care how you reach us just consider it and then act. We have created the foundation of something great here at ONE400 and you should consider being a part of it.

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Allen Rodriguez Allen Rodriguez is a legal product development strategist who has been serving the legal industry for over 21 years. Over the course of his career, Allen has built a reputation for creating innovative legal services products as well as developing highly effective law firm business and marketing strategies. Allen is a valued speaker on the topics of law marketing, legal services product development, and future of law issues.

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