5 of the Richest Lawyers in America

5 of the Richest Lawyers in America

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1. Richard Scruggs

Net Worth: $1.7 billion

A well-known trial attorney, Richard got a $246 billion settlement from the big four tobacco companies in 1998. He also sued asbestos companies, insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. He actually sued insurance companies that had denied claims to people whose homes had been destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. John Grisham’s novel, The King of Torts, is said to be loosely based on Scrugg’s life. In the late 2000s he was indicted for bribery and spent 7 years in prison.

2. Joe Jamail

Net Worth: $1.7 billion

A graduate of University of Texas, Joe is a personal injury attorney that has tried over 500 cases. His most famous case was serving as lead counsel in Pennzoil vs Texaco, earning him a whopping $335 million in 1985. At $10 billion dollars, Penzoil was the largest jury award in history His tactics have been said to be excessively aggressive but nonetheless effective. In fact, the Delaware Supreme Court has referred to him as “rude, uncivil and vulgar.”

3. William Lerach

Net Worth: $900 million

William is a securities class action attorney who received a $7 billion judgement in the lawsuit against Enron. He was known for requesting so much paperwork in discovery that it was cheaper to settle than put together all the evidence required. In 2007, he spent 2 years in jail after being convicted of illegally paying people to serve as plaintiffs. He was then disbarred, had to do community service and forfeited almost $8 million dollars.

4. Bill Neukom

Net Worth: $850 million

Bill, a graduate of Stanford, was a partner at K&L Gates, an attorney at Microsoft for 25 years and later became Executive Vice President at the company until 2002. He also invested in the San Francisco Giants and was their Managing General Partner when they won the World Series in 2010. Bill is also the founder and CEO of the World Justice Project.

5. Judge Judy

Net Worth: $150 million

Judith Sheindlin also known as Judge Judy, is a television judge. Prior to becoming a celebrity judge, she was a family law prosecutor. She later became a judge in criminal court and then in family court. She currently makes $45 million a year from her television show which is entering its 20th season.

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