Guide to Social Media Sizes for Law Firms

Guide to Social Media Sizes for Law Firms

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When you Google “social media dimensions”, you might as well look up the word “confusing”. If your experience was anything like ours, you probably ended up with inconsistent sizes that are outdated and incorrect.

This is where this infographic comes in handy. We created this lean and clean guide with the most up-to-date profile and cover photo sizes for your firm’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn company pages. Having managed and operated social media campaigns for countless firms, we chose to highlight these three social platforms because we found that they provided the highest returns for our clients. Like we said, lean and clean.

Social Media Image Size Guide


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Nick Campbell Nick Campbell is Director of Client Relations at ONE400. Nick has over 10 years of experience in helping brands and startups develop digital marketing strategies and optimizing existing campaigns.

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