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A frequent focus of ONE400’s work is enabling new ventures to present their often unique services to potential clients, and assisting established firms with expansions into uncharted areas of the marketplace. This was doubly the case with BlockDrop, a new document-generation service for legal firms and departments seeking to incorporate blockchain technology into their operations. The new company needed to demonstrate the quality and utility of its platform to clients who in turn would want to pass on this proof of value to their own customers, all in a cutting-edge sector still unfamiliar to many players in the legal-services field.

The overarching goal was to deliver a strong Brand Strategy Document for BlockDrop’s initial entry into the blockchain technology sector and for further development of its brand. An immediately impactful step to which we committed was designing a unique brand identity—an indelible mark reflecting the company’s mission and brand personality.


BlockDrop provides a genuinely innovative product suite, but the ONE400 team understood that novelty alone wouldn’t be an adequate selling point. Via a diligent discovery process we assembled profiles of the target audience—leadership and upper management of larger law firms striving to stay relevant, plus leaders of smaller outfits who want to punch above their weight. We also studied the platform’s possible applications to understand how these overlapped with this customer demographic. Based on our determination of the audience, we established an optimal brand position for BlockDrop.

Using discovery data and customer profiles, we drew the following road map:
  • Knowledgeable
  • Reliable
  • Accessible
  • Practical

These four anchor points addressed the chief concerns of potential customers. Decision makers desired a user-friendly portal to professionally vetted blockchain documentation that saved them the time and expense of building their own in-house blockchain expertise.

This brand position—the foundation of the overall strategy we developed for BlockDrop—also guided our design of a base logo for the firm. The most effective visual would be modern and feel “tech,” but not to excess; convey efficiency; and be friendly and straightforward, ready to help and share knowledge.

Alt Text!


ONE400 delivered us a brand identity and website that embodies the sophistication and versatility of our company. It makes an instant impression on current, potential clients, and competitors.
Alt Text!
Jeff Knight
CEO and Founder, BlockDrop

The most immediate and implementable outcome was a fresh, clever, and professional-looking identity mark for the client. A clean, sans-serif typeface in complementary primary colors conveys both modernity and familiarity, hitting the notes of reliability and accessibility. The tone—point of expertise—crucial in a sector centered on often esoteric-seeming new technology—is covered by the subtle dropout of a “pixel” block at the logo’s front end, which is then echoed and “replaced” by an identical block serving as clever end punctuation. This high-tech but also trustworthy personality expression has been enthusiastically received by primary stakeholders and the client demographic.

Alt Text!
Alt Text!
mobile view frame
mobile view frame

The Brand Strategy Document, in addition to inspiring the new logo, provides BlockDrop with a clear road map for future brand expression and even breakout to a wider customer pool seeking guidance in blockchain technology. Variations of the brand personality and reflections of the brand mission flow naturally from the Brand Position, which nails the client’s target audience and demographic.

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