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Counsel for Creators LLP is a next-generation law firm focused on the needs of creative businesses and individuals. Their goal is to redesign the law firm experience from the ground up while helping clients grow successful businesses.


When a law firm catering specifically to new creators approached ONE400 to recharge their web profile, they offered us a genuinely new type of project: representing online the voice of a unique, tech-wise legal service through close cooperation with its arts-savvy founders.

Via a new website and logo redesign, we needed to express Counsel for Creators’ vision of a groundbreaking arts-oriented practice, mirror the aspirations of their target audience, and clearly outline their industry-tailored services.

In addition to applying our default standards of excellence – high functionality and a consistent internal aesthetic – we wanted to enumerate the concrete value of the firm’s current legal program within a clean, user-friendly format that reflects the firm’s identity as an accessible resource for California’s creative community and beyond.


From the outset, our partnership with Counsel for Creatives’ attorneys was the key element of the site rebuild. As well as holding degrees from top-ranked law programs, the founders combined backgrounds in design, film and new media production, and artist mentoring, and articulated a strong vision for the site’s look, feel, and audience.

Working side by side with these principals, we developed a visual strategy to translate their intended user experience into interactive “touchpoints” for visitors seeking in-depth information. A minimalist, up-to-date style of white space, discrete lines, warm tones, and simple fonts was chosen for the site and focused on these visitor contact points – Contact and Sign-up buttons, drop menus, content tables, and text breakouts. The collaboration also allowed us to define and elaborate unique market advantages, such as the firm’s personalized service on an affordable subscription model.

To further calibrate this open, engaging aesthetic, we used a series of mood boards to stimulate client input. We also engaged in additional market research, tapping the creative community for feedback from the firm’s desired demographic: not a conventional corporate or tech customer base, but independent fabricators, fine artists, musicians, publishers, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, ONE400 provided guidance for the selection of stock and custom photography

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ONE400 delivered us a brand identity and website that embodies the sophistication and versatility of our law firm. It makes an instant impression on current, potential clients, and competitors.
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Chuong Bui, Partner
Counsel for Creators

The synergy between our design team and highly engaged clients produced an exceptional outcome. The new website’s distinctive appearance is consistent and strikes an unusual, effective balance to communicate with its target audience: A progressive, postmodern spareness counterpoised to an accessible, personal affect. Crisp black and white framing elements harmonize with warm reds and soft blues and grays, while crucial action buttons and interactive elements are suspended in large fields of negative space. “Graphical” sans-serif fonts, for both the distinctive new logo and body- and data-oriented copy, are set adjacent to newspaper-style serif font for conversational title copy. The impression of simultaneous coolness and easy familiarity lands in the sweet spot for messaging to a contemporary artistic clientele.

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In keeping with ONE400’s strict design standards, the site features easy navigation and improved search operation. Crucially for a customer base embarking on new ventures with initially low overhead, the responsive functionality allows easy use on mobile and tablet devices without an overburden of back-end programming. The sign-up interfaces for initial contact, a business setup consultation, and the firm’s flagship Creator’s Legal Program are crystal clear and each contained on one attractive page.

Most importantly, Counsel for Creators’ site has seen a significant increase in site traffic. In an outstanding result for ONE400, the new design was named one of the Best Law Firm Websites of 2019 by, generating a surge in contacts from potential clients interested in the award-winning template. The attention earned by the successful design has created a virtuous circle, making Counsel for Creators a nationally known brand in both the web development and legal professions.

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