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With an overall success rate of well over 90%, Rosenblum Law is the largest and highest customer-rated traffic violations law firm in both NY & NJ.


Our client, Rosenblum Law, is a high-performing legal firm based in New York and New Jersey with expertise in New York State traffic cases, alongside a general practice in criminal and civil litigation. In a tactical business coup, they obtained the Internet domain to capitalize on their strength in this competitive market. However, handling cases through this portal posed complications—potential clients experienced confusion about whom they’d be working with and what type of service they could expect.

ONE400 aimed to resolve this problem by developing a brand strategy that gave a distinct identity while leveraging its parent company’s proven value. Our client’s competence in this field and ownership of a definitive, ’’sticky,’’ and relevant URL presented an opportunity to secure territory in the ticket-beating arena without relinquishing the prestige of the source brand.


Establishing a structural plan for a stronger brand required an extensive discovery process, during which we sought to identify both intrinsic advantages and weaknesses in the relationship between and its parent firm. We conducted extensive interviews with Rosenblum Law staff and examined the existing onboarding process and customer service for clients contacting the firm through, identifying operational gaps. We also interviewed previous traffic-case clients to fill out the picture and identify the target audience.

Using discovery data and customer profiles, we drew the following road map:

  • Establish a clear brand hierarchy
  • Build a distinct brand identity for via its website while maintaining continuity (particularly visual—logos, colors, title and body-text fonts, etc.) with the parent site
  • Differentiate the two brands—Rosenblum Law and—while positioning them to operate together as needed to reciprocal advantage
  • Secure a clear space for in the market
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ONE400 delivered us a brand identity and website that embodies the sophistication and versatility of our law firm. It makes an instant impression on current, potential clients, and competitors.
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Adam H. Rosenblum, Esq.

We created a clear strategy that enables and Rosenblum Law to engage separately with clients at first contact, with distinct visual styles for each but shared core messaging and values. Commitment to the reboot began internally with one brand position and then pivoted toward the customer, an inside-out approach that clarified the identity.

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First, was positioned as a sub-brand extension under the Rosenblum Law umbrella. Its dedicated logo has Rosenblum Law’s mark attached as a subhead to indicate their affiliation.

Next, we defined the shared brand position of the two brands: positive outcomes, dependability, convenience, and effective customer service. For, these four points have been distilled into great outcomes (a 90 percent success rate in reducing fines and license points) and convenience, which are expressed in the brand mission and brand personality we delivered. Our research showed that clients definitely want to contest traffic citations but don’t want to waste time and work income on court appearances. They also want to avoid confusing paperwork and uncertainty about their case status. In addition to stressing customer service on the website via interactive FAQs and a live chat window, has implemented a smooth intake process, a dedicated phone line, and staff commitment to the separate brand.

Finally, the brand identity is distinct from the parent brand while consistently sharing compositional elements.’s logo is bold and versatile, with potential application to future brand expressions. The sans-serif font echoes Rosenblum Law’s mark but evocatively uses primary reds and blues (pull over!), a theme repeated throughout the site. Layouts and intake forms are similar for both brands, but the graphical calibration of–open-faced and upfront–is true to the latter’s value proposition of convenient, effective ticket resolution.

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