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Noble Vrapi

Immigration lawyers helping you live where you want, work where you want, and hire who you want.


Noble Vrapi, a respected New Mexico‒based immigration law firm with three offices in the state, has recently been moving further into the employer side of immigration practice. Committed to helping new clients “work where you want, and hire who you want,” the firm came to ONE400 with a robust brand mission and position, but they wanted a new website and brand identity to complement their expanding target audience.

Key goals of the project included a redesigned logo and aesthetic that evoked New Mexico; a site that clearly distinguished Family & Individual law from the Business & Employment end of Noble Vrapi’s practice; and bilingual capability between Spanish and English. The priority of the overall design was to speak to the Business side, which the firm considers an entirely new audience, without deemphasizing the Family & Individual client group.

Additional aims included full functionality on mobile devices and fashioning the site’s look to be scalable up to new states and regions without substantial rebranding.


As a purpose-driven practice that engages with its clients at a personal level, Noble Vrapi were well oriented to work closely with ONE400’s designers, contributing a strong vision for how the site should look and feel.

Our discovery process included visits to the firm’s offices in New Mexico, enabling us to understand more fully the two sides of the business to be represented. Meeting Noble Vrapi’s principals on location also helped us develop brand-identity visuals and guidelines for photography on the website, including planned “office action” images and different Business & Employment settings.

With approximately ten lawyers and 25 support staffers, Noble Vrapi’s strength in the business-client market is with mid-sized companies, particularly regional hospitals and utilities who hire immigrants. Given this target, we used mood boards to craft an aesthetic combining “home style” and “corporate”,–both professional and personal. Most decisively, we also chose a front-and-center bifurcated structure for the site’s landing page, splitting it vertically with one half for personal immigration law and the other for the newer employment sector

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We have had a very good experience with you guys and are happy with the website look.
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Olsi Vrapi
Managing Partner, Noble Vrapi

We delivered a contemporary, minimalist, and welcoming website. An airy backdrop and light, sleek graphical elements and fonts signal freshness and modernity without an overly corporate feel. The unique logo “pops,” incorporating the site’s color palette while remaining smart and professional. The mark’s colorful bead-like elements reference the indigenous art of the Southwest and the multiplicity of the area’s people—Noble Vrapi’s clients—converging at one anchor point. The solid reds and blues of the overall design reinforce the bifurcation of the landing page into personal and business sectors—practically a navigation guide.

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The website’s curated custom and stock photography boost the brand message by authentically representing Noble Vrapi’s values. Images of real personnel “at work” feel candid and warm, conveying the altruism and confident conviction animating the firm and its people.

In addition to clearly delineating the two sides of Noble Vrapi’s business, the site combines high usability with dependability, including easy navigation and a reliable search function. One-click bilingual modality functions smoothly, and the site fully adapts to mobile platforms.

The best verdict is supplied by the site’s users: Online visitors, both returning and new clients, report a positive, productive experience. An increase in traffic—new users—indicate success in designing the proposed “tool for capturing business”.

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