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In 2017 four retired Los Angeles superior court judges, all highly experienced ‘neutrals’ in the private sector, founded Signature Resolution to provide prospective top-tier clients with a higher standard of service and hospitality than was currently available in the alternative dispute resolution space.


Set the firm apart from competitors –’the best from the rest’

From its founding Signature Resolution has positioned itself as the premier alternative dispute resolution provider for Southern California and beyond. The key mission of the ONE400 team in executing a website reboot for the firm was to emphasize its principal asset—a roster of outstanding individual arbitrators, mediators, and attorneys—and to increase traffic to profiles of these ‘neutrals’ with a design that evokes the partners’ existing brand and core values.

An explicitly ‘premium’ firm, Signature Resolution also required a site that confirms and reinforces the high value of its services, including its unparalleled amenities, luxurious conference rooms and lounge spaces, and user-friendly client portal experience—all in addition to a deep bench of neutrals who apply both sophistication and practical approaches to clients’ cases and provide decisive solutions. All these elements—’Best of the Best’ partners, industry-benchmark standards, and peerless client care—set Signature Resolution apart from and above competitors in its field, a position that should be clearly reflected in its online presence.

In addition to indelible brand display, the redesign called for excellent functionality on mobile devices and full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, both features that embody several fundamental values of the organization—ethics, innovation, and diligence.


Boldly display the company’s premium status and unique assets

An integration of eye-catching custom photography with the core attributes of Signature Resolution’s business profile—unmatched competence and impeccable client care—was the principal driver of our approach to the redesign. Initially, we developed mood boards and researched high-end locations such as world-class hotels to capture an accurate tone and feel.

A clear, minimalist design with a crisp, soothing color palette of blue, gray, and white, drawn from the company’s existing visual brand and the interior design of its offices, was devised to convey concision, mindfulness, and an aesthetic of ultramodern, understated luxury. In tandem, fonts and User Interface elements were carefully selected to support the desired message of confidence and calm. A subtle hint of green was even incorporated in the site to reference colors from the new office opening in Century City in 2020.

Most significantly, custom photography was employed to make an impression of both exclusivity and welcoming tranquility. Striking widescreen images of the firm’s sleek offices and epic building exteriors embody the curated services Signature Resolution provides its clients. Portraits of the main assets, the neutrals, were shot against light, relaxed backgrounds and arrayed in a spare page design with to-the-point summaries of each partner’s skill set.

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Throughout the process of building multiple websites, the team at ONE400 has been consistently communicative, prompt, and professional. From ease of use and smart functionality to the clean design, it was an overall wonderful outcome. I would recommend ONE400’s services to all.
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Dario Higuchi
Signature Resolution

A distinct online presence and immediate boost in page views

A streamlined, distinctive site now successfully represents Signature Resolution’s premium status in the alternative dispute resolution field. The lush but carefully composed custom photography and minimalist structure establish a desired ‘boutique’ profile for the company that sets it apart from the competition.

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In contrast to the corporate presentations of other firms in this space, the visual and functional simplicity of the new site authentically demonstrates Signature’s confident dominance of the high end of the arbitration market—a case of ‘less is more,’ in which clients are reassured that the company will solve problems rather than add complications.

The beautiful imagery of the firm`s state-of-the-art facilities even enables clients to visualize the setting in which they’ll achieve solutions to challenges.

On the technical end, the site is now blazing fast and has a stellar rating for ADA compliance. The metrics speak for themselves: Signature Resolution reports a 500% increase in traffic to the Neutrals page—a five-fold increase in market visibility for the heart of the firm’s business.

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